Monday, July 26


this is a picture i took at dusk. the moon was coming up in the southeast; it was so beautiful out!

i saw the movie inception last week with my boyfriend. i really liked it. 

i have a lot to do this week, as we are moving to chicago on saturday (the 31st)! we're so excited! i still have to pack yet. i am planning on doing that tomorrow. 

5 more days until the big move!

Friday, July 23


i'm so excited about the movie howl! james franco stars as allen ginsberg. the release date is september 24, 2010.

here is the trailer for the film...

Tuesday, July 13


yesterday steve and i found out that someone put their apartment application in before us for the place we wanted in chicago, so we can't have that exact place in uptown anymore. today we decided to sign up for our second choice apartment, which looks pretty similar to the one we were going to get. it's in wrigleyville, it's really close to the "l", just a short walk to the chicago diner, and there is a whole foods close by. sounds pretty great to me. i am actually more excited about this place now more than the one we were originally going to go with. 

i can't believe the journal challenge is over with. it was a lot of fun! i loved all the prompts janel came up with. she is going to be doing another journaling class, but this time for the cost of $10. she is putting the money toward her and her husband's adoption fund. they plan on adopting a child in the next year or two. you can check out more about it here.''

i've gotten two pen pal letters in mail so far. thank you kellie and kristie! i can't wait to write you girls back! 

Sunday, July 11

pictures from my week

this week we put together all of my sister's things for her graduation party, which is next weekend. in the picture below she is holding the poster she made with pictures from art class. it was fun because we splattered the background. 

this week steve and i also visited chicago. mainly to get our apartment (and we did find one; it's so cute!) below are some pictures i took while we were in the city.

here is steve waiting at the L station.

here are some pictures from my sister's 18th birthday! i made her this lovely cake. yayy! happy birthday, becca!

my mom was a little late for her party and wanted to see becca blow her candles out, so we relit what was left of the cake.

she had been talking about getting a tattoo for the past couple of years, so on her birthday we decided to go out and get it done! it was a lot of fun and i was glad i could be there and celebrate her big day with her.  i love the way her tattoo turned out. it is italian for "to live without regrets."

steve got a mac book in the mail from his friend as a graduation gift. i was having fun on it and took this picture of myself. 

today is my reiche family reunion. looking forward to visiting with my dad there since i haven't seen him in a while. 

19 more days until the big move!

Saturday, July 10


steve and i took another trip to chicago this past wednesday. the train ride was seven hours. once we got there we had lunch at the chicago diner and then headed to my school. i am officially signed up and good to go! 

the next day we set up an appointment with an apartment finding service in chicago. we looked at five different apartments. i was so happy when we found "the one." it's so cute! it's a vintage apartment on a tree lined street in uptown. i can't wait to move in! i didn't take any pictures, but i will share some of the inside of my new place once i move in. 

yesterday was my sister's 18th birthday! i had a lot of fun with her. she said that i made it her best birthday ever, which made me feel really happy. we went to a tattoo shop and she got her first tattoo. it looks great! after that we had lunch and then we headed to the casino! she even brought back a little money. once we got home we enjoyed a yummy vegan birthday cake i made her. it was a vanilla cake with strawberry frosting and neon candles. 

i look forward to when i move to chicago at the very end of this month...especially because i will be back into blogging more often because i will have internet at my new place. i miss being able to read everyone's posts every day.

i'll be back sometime early next week with some pictures of things that have been going on!

Sunday, July 4


i am all moved in at my mom's house for the month! it was a lot of work moving all the stuff back, but i did it! today was a pretty fun day. a few of my friends and i went to the beach. it was really fun! we were in the water for a long time and we also ate a lunch at the beach that i packed for us. we buried joe in the sand; it was funny. i took pictures, but they are on a film camera, so i'm going to have to wait a while to see them.

in a few days steve and i are going to take a train to chicago and find an apartment that we can move into in august. i'm excited to see what all the places were going to check out look like.

my sister's birthday is on the 9th, she is going to be turning 18! 

i hope everyone is having a great weekend!