Sunday, January 31


Thursday, January 28

happy mail!

today i got my first happy mail package! i was so excited and opened it up right away! lots and lots of hearts filled the package, an owl print, a cupcake band aid, a cupcake sticker, gum, a couple instant coffee pouches from starbucks, and more! thank you, melissa!

i have a lot to do today. my friend, alyssa, is coming over for lunch, i have to put together/design some hard cover books for a few high school senior clients, edit photos, reply to a bunch of potential clients, etc.

enjoy your thursday!

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Wednesday, January 27

movies i love

i was originally only going to do this up until the last week of january, but if anyone wants me to post movies i love on wednesdays in february too, i will. let me know what you think.

this week's movie: ghost world (2001).

also, all 5"x7" prints in my etsy store are on sale until 2/14! here is the link: o me, o life


Sunday, January 24


rings and bracelets from noir jewelry

Saturday, January 23

future giveaway

hello to all my new followers! i'm happy to have you!

i've decided that once i reach 50 followers, i am going to do a giveaway!
please post my button so others may find me. the code for it is just over there on the left of my page...


Friday, January 22


 image by colleen barnett.

Wednesday, January 20

movies i love

i hope everyone that reads my blog is enjoying the movie suggestions i've been posting on wednesdays now.

this week's suggestion is 13 most beautiful.... songs for andy warhol's screen tests. it's a collection of silent film portraits shot between 1964 and 1966 by andy warhol with music added.

Sunday, January 17

a lovely interior,

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last night

last night i had an interview for a nanny position over in midland. the family was so sweet and they had the cutest kids! the interview went pretty great, but they were looking for someone that would be around for the next 3+ years, and that was not in my plans, so the meeting ended sooner than planned.

for those of you that are just getting to know me, i plan on moving out of michigan this summer. i am going to be moving to one of the united states biggier cities, but i am not sure which one exactly yet. i will find out more in the next few months.

after the interview, steve and i went to barnes and noble. we sat around for a couple of hours. i was caught up in a few interior design books and he read some books about zen and buddhism. beside the fact that the interview didn't turn out as planned, i still had a great night!

have a cozy sunday afternoon!

Friday, January 15


the last few days in michigan have been pretty sunny and it feels sort of like spring outside. i am really loving it...makes me feel a lot more motivated than usual.

  i've been enjoying listening to sigur ros lately; i love them! what bands have you been listening to?

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Wednesday, January 13

movies i love

every wednesday for the next few weeks, i want to introduce movies to you that i love!
today i'd like to introduce to you...the virgin suicides (1999).

Saturday, January 9

ever so lovely

i came across pictures of this apartment today and i just think it is so beautiful.

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Friday, January 8


Thursday, January 7


i booked a good handful of photo shoots for this month! i'm excited to do more work with my modeling photography. i am not really sure the direction i want to take with my modeling photography exactly and how serious i want to get into it, but i think the more i work with photographing models...i'll figure out if it is something i'm more passionate about versus senior portraits. i feel in ways they kind of work together for me, though. the better i get at mastering a modeling headshot...the more skill i have for making a basic senior headshot look amazing! thus...i get booked more! i have a photo shoot tomorrow; i am excited! if anyone ever wants to check out any of my work my link is:

tonight steve and i have having dinner at our friends, alyssa and doug's, apartment! i am excited! i love when we all cook meals for each other.

it is snowing ever so slightly right now; i think it is beautiful.

Tuesday, January 5

tattoo love

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do you have any tattoos?


Saturday, January 2


tonight in detroit i am going to see a performance of alice in wonderland shown through burlesque and music. the performance stars the lovely roxi dlite. my friends, steve and alyssa, will be joining me.