Thursday, January 7


i booked a good handful of photo shoots for this month! i'm excited to do more work with my modeling photography. i am not really sure the direction i want to take with my modeling photography exactly and how serious i want to get into it, but i think the more i work with photographing models...i'll figure out if it is something i'm more passionate about versus senior portraits. i feel in ways they kind of work together for me, though. the better i get at mastering a modeling headshot...the more skill i have for making a basic senior headshot look amazing! thus...i get booked more! i have a photo shoot tomorrow; i am excited! if anyone ever wants to check out any of my work my link is:

tonight steve and i have having dinner at our friends, alyssa and doug's, apartment! i am excited! i love when we all cook meals for each other.

it is snowing ever so slightly right now; i think it is beautiful.


  1. I had a wee nosy, your pictures are lovely :) What do you mostly shoot with? x

  2. i shoot with an olympus evolt e-500.