Saturday, January 23

future giveaway

hello to all my new followers! i'm happy to have you!

i've decided that once i reach 50 followers, i am going to do a giveaway!
please post my button so others may find me. the code for it is just over there on the left of my page...



  1. Cool picture! I was reading your previous posts, and (of course) I recommend NYC but a great stepping stone city would be Ithaca, Rochester or Syracuse NY :)

  2. emily, than you for visiting my blog! thank you for the recommendations as well.

  3. great photo :)

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  4. Youll reach 50 in no time at all :) Just had a look on your etsy store, loves it! x

  5. audrey, thank you for visitng my blog!

    rogue, thanks for checking out my etsy store!! yayy!

  6. Hey! So glad to have come across your cute blog! I like forward to reading more =)
    Feel free to come and visit me, and maybe follow my blog so we can keep in blog touch!
    Lady Gxx

  7. i was going to follow you but google friend connect said it was undergoing maintenance. i will check back later this evening and add you! ciao. :)