Tuesday, September 28

september weekend

this past weekend my sister, becca, came out to chicago to visit me. she was also my model on saturday for my hair school's practical exam. we had to perform our first cut on an actual person, moving up from those mannequins! becca really liked the way her cut turned out, and i did as well. 

after the exam, i took her out to the chicago diner. we both had yummy vegan 'pork' tacos and then shared a platter of chips with salsa and guacamole. after dinner we headed down to the loop for some shopping! 

sunday we went out for lunch at the pick-me-up cafe. after lunch, steve, becca, and i went to millenium park. one of becca's suite-mates at college sent her to chicago with a teddy bear. becca was supposed to take pictures of the bear at places in chicago, so we did some picture taking at some popular places here in the city, then chilled until it was time for her train back home. 

i'm so happy my sister was able to come and visit me (and be my model)! come back soon, becca!

all photos taken be me (jessica kirsch). 


  1. Sounds like a fab weekend! x

  2. i love millennium park! love that picture of your foot prints on the pavement!


  3. sounds goood, loving the stripes + denim!

  4. Awesome photos! I also like the footprint one.
    Sounds like you had a great weekend!