Wednesday, June 24

oh my

i haven't updated in a very long time! i can't believe that it is pretty much the end of june; it went by so fast to me. steve and i may be moving back to mt. pleasant earlier than we though, we may be moved in as early as july 6th! i am excited about getting back to mt. pleasant because i really don't like staying at my mom's house during the summer.

the end of july will be pretty interesting for me. steve and i will be driving to d.c. to pick up joe and his girlfriend.  then we will explore a lot of the popular cities in the new england area while we are out that way!


  1. Boston. I'm sure that's probably a destination, but I loved Boston. It's laid back. Quaint, but busy. Walk the streets, as it's the worst city to drive in the U.S. (that's an actual fact-- a 4 lane street becomes a 5 or 6 lane street sometimes). They have neat accents, I like it, it's like "parkin the car in harvard yard after dark" becomes "pahkin the cah in hahvid yahd afta dahk"--

  2. haha, the accent sounds neat! we did consider going out to boston, but we are not for sure as it is up further than where we are going. i think our most north point will be providence, ri.