Monday, June 29

it's's pouring!

today i was going to do a senior session photo shoot, but we got rained out! that is no fun! we are going to be rescheduling soon, though. right now i am sitting in the big room at steve's dad's; it is my most favorite room in the whole house. i really like it cause there are windows in almost every direction of the room and it is relaxing. there is no television in here, which is neat. the room is in a corner of the house that is tucked away in the woods. also, the ceiling is really high up, of course, that is why we call it the "big room".

the wedding i am photographing at is coming up in five days; i am very nervous. i hope i do everything right and get some good photos.

steve and i did go to mt. pleasant this past friday and we were approved for an apartment! i am moving in the second week of july (but i will be back and forth between mt. pleasant and ruth quite a bit during that month). steve will be moving in with me toward the end of july because he is able to work a little longer at his job. i am so happy we found a place! the only thing i need now is to find a fall job....

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