Tuesday, April 16

24 before 25

my birthday was a couple months ago, but i really wanted to make one of these lists again. part of this list was composed closer to my birthday date and some of it i finished today. 

1. move back to a city.
2. get another tattoo.
3. donate to charity.
4. go camping.
5. get a job at a salon in the city.
purchase an oddity of some sort.
7. take more photos.
8. print photography business cards.
9. go to amusement park.
10. get clutter out of home.
11. visit another brewery.
12. make meditation a daily part of my life again.
13. try out newborn photography.
14. make a homemade pie, besides apple.
15. make new friends.
16. pay off credit card & start saving.
17. be a makeup artist/hair stylist for a photo shoot.
18. visit chicago and my old pivot point academy classmates.
19. print something with my favorite instagram photos.
20. grow a plant from a seed.
21. day at the spa.
22. do at least 5 diys i re-pinned on pinterest
23. go to theater bizarre.

24. plan a special 25th birthday!

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