Friday, August 19

picnic + a movie

last night i went to the ravinia festival. it's the oldest outdoor music festival in the united states! there are a series of outdoors concerts & performances held from june to september. it's in highland park, il.

we arrived early and sat in the grass to enjoy a picnic. then we took our seats in the amphitheater to watch the lord of the rings -- the fellowship of the ring. the chicago symphony orchestra and an adult & children's choir performed as the movie played on a giant screen. it was amazing and i had a great time! i hadn't watched that movie in so long; i forgot how much i liked it. not to mention how good looking the character aragorn is, hehe.

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  1. how did i miss this one? last 2 shows I saw at Ravinia were Tom Jones and the Beach Boys. lol in all their lame yet awesome glory.