Tuesday, May 31

me oh my

it's been a while since i've written a post! i've been very busy with school, but thank goodness everything is starting to wind down. i have this week and next week to go (and i still haven't missed a day)! it feels AMAZING to almost be done! i graduate on the 13th of june. i'm so excited! school has really overwhelmed me and has been keeping me busier than ever. the past few weeks i've been looking for internships, submitting my resume to places, and just trying to make a little time for myself.

i also haven't been blogging much just because my days are so similar: i wake up 5 days a week at 6 am and head to school and don't come back home until 6 pm. i'm happy thinking i'll have more to share as graduation rolls around and new stories begin: new job stories, summer fun, friends, events, beach days, date nights, and more!

today steve and i put our air conditioner in the window. last summer we put it in the living room window; this year we're putting it in our bedroom window, since sleeping in the heat is no fun. having a cool room to sleep in is going to be amazing!

does anyone have any fun plans for this summer?