Monday, April 4

10 little reminders, part 5

welcome to part 5 of my series "10 little reminders," the final part of the series! before i get into the final reminders, here is a recap of the first eight:
  1. surround yourself with positive people
  2. it's never too early (or late) to start doing what you love 
  3. stay organized and keep up with your home
  4. don't just be kind to others, be kind to yourself
  5. everything will always be okay in the end
  6. not everyone is going to like you, and it's okay
  7. don't hold grudges
  8. don't compare yourself to others
9. focus on today! many times i get caught up in thinking about all the amazing plans i have for my future: where i want to live, the family i will have, the house i'll get to paint and buy furniture for, getting married, and getting my permanent studio! yes, it all sounds so exciting, but what about right now? i know a few years ago this was all i could think about: living on my own with my boyfriend in a big city. and now that it's here, i just keep thinking about what's next. i think it's a good idea to just focus on today, to be in the moment. i am here now, i am living in chicago with my high-school sweetheart. i'm really happy about this, but i rarely focus on it and just appreciate it. time is going to go by so fast, and soon i'll be in my late 20s, married, working for myself, and perhaps with a baby on the way. i think it's good for me to appreciate the now when it's just me and steve and all the adventures the two of us will have. we are young and we are in school, anything can happen! i want to appreciate the days we are having right now.

10. take time to appreciate the ones you love. i don't talk with my dad much; he wasn't really a big part of my life growing up. one day a few years ago when i was just starting college, i decided to write him and get to know him more. since then, i've visited him a few times, and he even got to see my sister graduate from high school. i know he must have been so happy and proud of her. i'm very happy that he has been able to be in our lives again. it makes me happy to see him happy. sometimes i get caught up in my daily life, though, and don't always have time to contact him that much. i keep saying i'll write him a letter later. we can get so caught up everyday with school and work, and then when we get home, surfing the internet, etc. i think it's nice when we can take the time to sit down and call someone, write a loved one a letter, or just talk to your partner. as with the above tip: you will only be in this period of your life, surrounded by these people, for so long. take time to really focus your attention on the ones you love.


  1. all great rules to live by. i enjoyed reading this continuing post. very thoughtful.

  2. I adore your reminders and I should really use these reminders myself too! It's nice to hear your dad's part of your life once again! A happy ending! :)

  3. this is so lovely. I'm definetly going to go back through and read the rest - gotta focus on the good things in life!

  4. glad you girls like these! they are great reminders.

  5. Love this series! Five and nine really resonate with me. It's so important to be present and to realize that life will work itself out.



  6. I love this post! Im going to write all of the rules down and try to live by them, amazing!!! Thank you!