Monday, March 21

10 little reminders, part 3

welcome to part 3 of my series, 10 little reminders!

5. everything will always be okay in the end. i've had days where i have been so sad, all i wanted to do was cry all day. especially over the past few years with money, i have experienced times when i thought "this is it... i can't go on." it sounds ridiculous, but i have really felt that way! yet everything has always turned out okay in the end. everything works out. i want to remind myself that even if i had a tough day or if my situation seems terrible at the moment, everything will work out. "sunshine after the rain" type deal, hehe. i want to remind myself to not get so worked up, thinking things won't get better. they can, they will, they have. in fact, they pretty much always have.

6. not everyone is going to like you, and it's okay. you can be one of the nicest, kindest people and there will still be people who don't like you. why? i have no idea. maybe they don't really know you but are judging a bad first impression. maybe they're jealous of something you have going for you. maybe they're someone who was attached to an old you, and they don't like some ways you've changed. in any case, i want to remind myself to not get upset if someone doesn't like me. i want to focus on just being the best me possible, not letting any haters get to me.

stay tuned for part 4 next monday!


  1. This is such a sensible little series of reminders we should all have pasted to our walls :) After having a bad week with a series of family sicknesses, this is good reading and indeed a gentle reminder ;)

  2. oh this is great! Seriously I am looking forward to the next ones. To read em all at once. These are definitely things we should remind ourselves daily. Thanks so much for posting these!

  3. I love these little reminders, they are so true and we all need to remember these!