Saturday, February 27

sunday sunday

i am having a lovely weekend! i finished ordering and editing a lot of pictures this week and it feels great to have that done with. i am all caught up with my photography work now!

does anyone know who this model is? i don't know her name. i think she's pretty.

i am so excited for this coming friday! alice in wonderland! anyone else planning on seeing it?

Tuesday, February 23


i had a great weekend full of fun, but now it's time to get back to work! i plan on editing like crazy this week! i want to get caught up on all my clients.

this morning i ran a few errands around town. sent out my happy mail packages! i'm so excited for my happy mail partners to get their packages and for me to receive all of mine! it's a lot of fun.

here is an update on my future giveaway. for those of you that have just started following, i said that i was going to do a giveaway once i reached 50 followers. i currently have 44 followers, so we are getting a lot closer. only 6 more to go!

i hope you all have a lovely tuesday!

Sunday, February 21

sunday sunday

today is my birthday, but i mostly celebrated it with my friends on saturday. here are some photos from my birthday celebration!

then later then night (which would really be sunday morning) some of us went to the casino just for the heck of it. here are some pictures before heading out to the casino.

then today (my real birthday day) my boyfriend took me to ikea and we came home with a coffee table!

i've had a really good time celebrating my birthday this year.


today is my 21st birthday!

i'll be back tonight with some photos from my day.

Sunday, February 14

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

happy valentines day!
(photo from weheartit)

Saturday, February 13

giveaway at pardon my ffrench

jaelynn of pardon my ffrench is doing a big giveaway! the winner will be drawn on 2/21. there are some pretty nice things being given away, such as owl salt and pepper shakers, a cute little ring with the word "love" on it,  iphone/ipod touch felt case, a vintage heart mug, and more! click here to check it out!

 have a happy saturday!

Thursday, February 11

future giveaway update

a few posts ago i mentioned that i wanted to do a giveaway once i reached 50 followers. i am 13 followers away! we're getting closer!

Wednesday, February 10


(all images found at weheartit)

Sunday, February 7

sunday sunday!

i had a pretty great weekend! i got to see my mom on friday before she left for the airport. she flew to arizona for  a few weeks (she's on vacation). saturday i took some senior pictures of a girl named megan. later that night me, steve, and joe made individual sized vegan pizzas. they were really tasty! we put pizza sauce, vegan mozzarella cheese, red bell pepper, purple onion, broccoli, and some special pizza spices on it.

earlier today i did another senior session, but this time with a girl named nicole. i've worked with her once before and she is very sweet, so i enjoyed getting to work with her again today.

oh yes, the superbowl was tonight. i did not watch it, simply because it is not in my interest.

did you do anything fun this weekend?

Friday, February 5


i've been so busy lately with my photography, that explains the low amount of activity on my blog these past few days. i've been editing, putting together custom books, ordering, and packaging like crazy! i'm glad i am getting it all done, though.

i sent out invitations to my closest friends last week for my 21st birthday! i'm excited! i still have to plan my party details out yet, i have two weeks. the only thing i can think of is that i want it to feel magical! does anyone have any suggestions for anything or some fun games?

i hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Wednesday, February 3

movies i love

this weeks suggestion: welcome to the dollhouse (1995).

update: this is the last "movies i love" post. i  usually post this every wednesday.