Saturday, February 27

sunday sunday

i am having a lovely weekend! i finished ordering and editing a lot of pictures this week and it feels great to have that done with. i am all caught up with my photography work now!

does anyone know who this model is? i don't know her name. i think she's pretty.

i am so excited for this coming friday! alice in wonderland! anyone else planning on seeing it?


  1. i think she's pretty too but i don't know who she is. i've seen some of her photos around the blogosphere though.

    and yes! i'm definitely seeing alice in wonderland friday (or maybe even thursday at midnight - who knows!)


  2. Hey! Thanks for contacting me. I'm going to start following your blog now. I'd love for you to do that same. Maybe we'll get matched up on of these months. If not we should just do it on our own anyways! I can't wait to check out more of your photography.


  3. Hi Jessica!

    I am excited that you found me via Happy Mail. You, Courtney and I should do a three way Happy Mail thing (that probably sounded dirtier than it was meant too. Lol) I started following your blog. Are you vegan? I am off to go check out some of your photography :)

  4. Im booked in for one of the first viewings :)

    Dont know if you'll be interested, but take a look at the top on my giveaway. Maybe you'll win :) <3

  5. yay for being caught up!

  6. She rawks those full eyebrows. I will remain a slave to my tweezers though!