Monday, December 28

goodbye 2009: part 1 of 2.

i am going to use today's post to note how much i enjoyed 2009; it was a good year. i've been inspired by danielle (from sometimes sweet) to make this is sort of a review of my year.

the first thing that happend in 2009 was new years day!  i had a little gathering of friends at my home. we had fortune cookies, sparkling juice, lots of board games, and a mini photo session! it was a happy time!

later that month steve, my mom, my sister, and i traveled within the state to frankenmuth, mi to see their annual snow/ice sculpture show.

in february, steve and i flew to san francisco, ca. it was the frist time steve had ever been on a plane, so i was happy that i could be there for that experience. the view of the mountains from the plane was so beautiful! the main reason for our trip out to the west coast was to celebrate our friends wedding. while there we also stayed  at elements hostel, ate most of our meals at herbivore (which was amazing and i had my first vegan donut there), went on a boat ride that took us under the golden gate bridge, city lights bookstore, photobooths, b.a.r.t., i celebrated my 20th birthday there, and the list goes on! it was the best trip i've taken so far.

in march, gabby (also known as mrs. francis picabia) celebrated her 2nd birthday!

that month we also spent some fun times going on walks with friends...

in april i went to ann arbor to visit lisa, brian, and baby jack! while there we also went to the annual hash bash event. our friend, doug, dressed up as waldo and we played "where's waldo". it was a fun weekend!

with may came the end of my last semester of college and the start of a lovely summer! it was my friend doug's 21st birthday, so my friends and i went to see star trek at the theatre and then went bowling.

summer time brought me lots of trips to the beach with my sister, cloud watching in the day and star gazing at night with friends, and much more!

in june, steve, joe, becca and i went to cedar point in sandusky, i was always afraid to go on millennium force (in the previous years i had gone there), but this year i went on it and it was awesome! i was scared once we go to the top of the first hill, i opened my eyes and was terrified and then in no time we went down and i was laughing. it was a great time!

a lot happend in july; it was an exciting month for me! i photographed my first wedding, my sister celebrated her 17th birthday, my friend alyssa graduated from high school and had her graduation party luau, and steve & i went on a roadtrip to the east coast!



the first stop in mine and steve's roadtrip was pittsburgh, pa. we stayed with steve's friend, chris, that used to go to college with him.


this is one of the many bridges we went over multiple times and got lost! there were so many bridges in pittsburgh!

alright, so that is january through part of july. i will post the rest of july through december tomorrow! hope you enjoy (sorry for all the images)!


  1. hello :) noticed you were following my blog and I just wanted to say hello! Such gorgeous pictures in the post, the donut in a box looks yummy xx

  2. Hi there lovely lady! Thanks for following me :).

    I loved this post. I love, love, love San Francisco. I used to live there for a year and I miss everything about it. The pittsburgh photos look beautiful!

    Have a wonderful new year & I'll follow you top!

  3. @rogue: hello and thank you for the kind words!

    @bird trouble: i know! san francisco is amazing! i loved it so much too, i wish i could just live there!