Wednesday, May 13

star trek

yesterday was one of the first really awesome days of the summer. a group of friends and i went to see star trek. i didn't really know anything about star trek prior to the movie so i didn't know if i would understand or like it very much, but i did enjoy it and i would go see the next one (which i think one of my friends said is in the making). after the movie we all went bowling and i did a pretty okay job, not my best, but it was a lot of fun! after that we went to a park and hung out, then we went to steve's place to make some vegan pizza!

this saturday is the clothes swap alyssa and i are putting on! i am excited for it and i hope that people are interested in my stuff i am bringing, if not i am going to sell it at the yard sale next weekend. 

today joe, steve, and i are going to go for a bike ride, yayy!

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