Tuesday, March 19

present moment, wonderful moment

this year feels like it is flying by so quickly; it's already half way through march. snow came through michigan again. i am excited for the spring! my mom already has her seeds ready to start growing inside. i'm also looking forward to hopefully taking photos outside of nature with matt and not being distracted thinking about how cold i am. 

i know a lot of the time people wish it were the opposite of what it was with the seasons here in michigan. that feeling can also be similar to where we are at in our lives and wanting something down the road. i know i get that in my head sometimes, but it's something to work on and just focus on the now. life does not exist in any moment but the present moment. this year i want to have fun each moment i am experiencing and try my best to keep my mind in that moment and just feel it. 

Monday, March 11

oh baby!

my dear little nephew, boden hunter, finally made his debut on march 3! he is so tiny! he was born at 6 pounds, 11 ounces. i love him so much already! 

i've always wanted to venture into newborn photography, so my sister let me do bo's newborn photos. i think it is pretty decent for my first time.


Tuesday, March 5


my favorite blush by mac cosmetics, flirt & tease, was finally all used up and i went to buy more of it--then come to find it has been discontinied. i decided to for the first time try out a nars blush. i've heard pretty good things about their blush, so i searched for a few reviews of their most popular shades. i decided to go with 'sin.' it is a berry shade with gold shimmer. i was very scared about getting this because i knew it wouldn't be the same as 'flirt & teast,' and also because i ordered in online through sephora (instead of checking out the shades in store). i do love it! i have pale skin (i wear a nc15) and i have black hair. i think this is a really nice shade for that combination. i've also read really good things about nars blush in 'orgasm,' perhaps i'll have to switch to that one for the summer. what is your favorite blush?