Tuesday, February 26

being near you


s u n d a y

 this past weekend i went to see matt again in lansing. saturday was basically a big movie day. we went out for drinks and a snack at max & erma's. i tried sangria for the first time, it was a very yummy drink. afterwards we went and seen identity thief. after the movie we went back to matt's and watched two more movies, haha. it was a pretty relaxing day that ended with a very lovely homemade meal made by his mom.

sunday was filled with a little more action. we went to east lansing to the eli & edythe broad art museum. there was a really awesome 3D video we checked out and lots of fun modern art that left me feeling inspired. on the drive back to his house we stopped at biggby for some coffee! 

later that afternoon i was sitting in matt's room while he went downstairs to let the dogs out. he came back up into the room and i smelled something rather yummy plunge into the room and noted on it. matt said he mom was making us a meal, he also shared with me that while he was downstairs she was talking with him about how she really liked me and how she thought i was really cute. it made me feel happy.

once again she impressed me with a delicious meal; she is quite the cook.


Thursday, February 21


today i am 24 years old. time seems like it has been going by so quickly. 23 was a fun age, i hope my 24th year brings me stability in my love life, a better focus on my body (making it healthy, clean, and strong), and i want to put better care into my work as a hair stylist (be happy about working, etc.). i would like to create a "24 before 25" list, but i am still thinking of what to all put on it. i will post it on here once i do.

Tuesday, February 12

lovely sunday

i made a last minute decision trip to lansing this weekend to hang out with matt. we had a fun time together! sunday morning we got up and went to biggby coffee just down the road to help us start our day. later that night he took me out to a mexican restaurant called cancun (it was delicious)!
my sister could have her baby any day now and i am so excited. i can't wait to finally meet my nephew. it seems like her pregnancy went by so fast, but these last few weeks leading up to his due date have felt longer than ever. i just hope that my cold goes away in time. i've had the sniffles for a couple days now.

Tuesday, February 5

hello february.

i love this month for quite a few reasons! this month is full of birthdays, my birthday is this month as well (i will be turning 24), my nephew is expected to be born this month, and i went on a pretty good 'date' (i guess you could call it) this past saturday (crossing my fingers for more)!

now that i've mentioned it--there is someone quite special i've been talking to, which makes me feel like it's time to start writing on my blog again. i met him last spring one night when i was out at a bar in east lansing, his name is matt. 

i feel happy.