Wednesday, December 14

i fear no fate

for the past couple years i've been wanting to get a tattoo, but never really pushed myself to set anything up. there is a boy i know who is a tattoo artist and i told him how i wanted one, so he helped me get things moving. he started it for me the begining of december. i was a big baby, though. i almost fainted too because i worked myself up so much, i felt really silly because i said i wouldn't make it a big deal. i got it above my knee. i am only part way through, i still need to do shading on the one side and above the knee on the other leg. it will say "i fear no fate" which is from an ee cumming's poem. this is the rest of the line from which i am using "i fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)."  also to me it reminds me not to fear what happens to me, i will always be okay. 

some of the lines look a little shaky but that is because my leg shook a little a couple times (it will look better when done), haha. i hope to get it finished soon!