Sunday, April 25

sunday spotlight v.4

name/blog name: kaelah beauregarde of little chief honeybee

how long have you been blogging? i've been blogging online for 8 years or so (starting with livejournal, which i still do). i started little chief honeybee (formerly honeybee in the city) in may of 2009.

what was your reason for starting your blog? my public blogger was started with the sole purpose of keeping my friends and family informed and up-to-date with the going-ons in nyc last summer as i trekked up here alone to intern at bust magazine. i took sick while here and my blog fell by the wayside, but i promptly returned to writing in it once i returned home to nashville and it has grown exponentially over the past 11 months. i couldn't be more proud. it's my little baby and i cherish the people i've met through blogging. mike (my boyfriend) and i love to go out on adventures and document them.

how would you describe your personal style? this is a tough one... if you asked anyone else, they'd most likely say i was unconventional and maybe "out there" but i've never viewed my style in that light. (maybe the tattoos and piercings, but not my actual fashion style). i wear only dresses (and i have more than my fair share; it's almost sad). i live and breathe girly in a very eclectic way, or at least i'd like to think so haha. i love being a woman and even though i'm not your typical girly girl, i try to showcase my modified self in the classiest of ways. huge red hair, sundresses, and always a hair accessory. oh, i can't forget my cardigans! they're key!

i love all of your outfits. where are your favorite places to shop at? thank you! i shop at all the normal, everyday places! pretty much all of my clothing comes from charlotte russe, forever 21, target, modcloth, therapy, h&m, goodwill or random thrift stores. however, if i find something awesome in walmart or a junk store, i'm not shy to snatch it up! i like to maximize my outfits while not breaking the bank. and goodwill never disappoints! i was featured in seventeen magazine as one fo the 17 best dressed girls in america wearing a dress that only cost 50 cents! score!

do you collect anything? i used to collect owls, like most other girls my age, but now i have a fun little assortment of tea cups and shark memorabilia. i know, sharks, really? i'm the biggest shark fan. they are my favorite animal and i am enamored with them! i even have shark salt and pepper shakers!

how long has your puppy georgia been a part of your life? little miss georgia sue came into my life on august 2009 when she was 10 weeks old! i feel like a proud mama when i say i can't remember my life before her. she's my little ray of sunshine and i wouldn't be the same without her!

what is one of your favorite things about her? there's nothing that is hard to love about baby g! well, except maybe her bouts of gas and her snoring, but they're part of her charm! haha! but nothing compares to when we take her to the puppy park. she's the least shy, most energetic, water-loving dog you've ever seen. as silly (and cheesy) as it is to say, she's like the little fat kid on the playground who just wants to be everyone's friend. she runs up to the biggest and the smallest dogs, unashamed and unabashed. she wrestles and plays and swims. and even when another dog acts like a bully, she pays them no mind and can't see the difference. i think she really sees the best in everyone and in turn it makes me do the same. (okay, i know that was really super cheesy, but i promise it's true! i'll have to post videos to back this up!)

what are your top 5 blogs you like to read or that inspire you? in no particular order...

+ gala is just a rad chick. whenever i've had the pleasure to speak with her, i've been slightly star-struck in a way. she's so kind and inspiring. she's unconventional and i can't imagine her any other way. her blog is full of positivity and she radiates the attitude i think we should all have.

+ mel over at idee genial ( you can tell from her blog alone that's she's just a very very kind-hearted person. she was so sweet to help me when i was searching sublets in her neighborhood of brooklyn for the summer. she has an innate fashion sense and she's jus a pleasant read.

+ kaylah at the dainty squid ( kaylah is such a doll! she's so friendly and adorable and her ability to get so much done makes me a wee bit envious! she's also a beautiful and modified gal and she's unafraid to sport the brightest hair!

+ silje at little bird crafts ( silje is gorgeous! and another wonderfully pleasant person! she did a gorgeous watercolor painting of my late bichon frise, bert. it's beautiful. she's always doing fun little crafts and she's a tattoo artist in portland. definitely worth checking out!

+ the blog of even though i'm not engaged myself, i go quite ga-ga over weddings and the thought of planning my own. from the dress to the decorations, i cannot wait! oncewed has so many wonderful diy projects and beautiful photography! i try to restrict myself to viewing it in certain time intervals. if i don't watch myself, i can spend upwards of 5+ hours on there at a time! oof!

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? i've traveled most all of europe (and it was beautiful! i love budapest!), but given the opportunity, i'd hop on a plane and jet over to poland. why, you may ask? my great grandparents were polish immigrants and i hold family very near and dear to my heart. i'd love to go and see where my family came from and really brush up on some polish history and language!


thank you so much, kaelah, for letting me put you in the spotlight this week!


  1. aww! lovely pictures.
    the dog is soooo cute!

  2. Love this post, Im going to look at all the blogs suggested now !!

    Thanks :)

    Char x

  3. lovely post!!!!!!!!!!!

    cool outfit and coooooooool tattoos!!!!!

    great blog u have!

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  4. Shes a cool gal :) one of my fave blogs! x